Pepe Mel stated that “Dépor have built an exciting team to work with”

05/09/2017 20:29

This morning, in Abegondo’s press conference, Pepe Mel publicly thanked Richard Barral (Sporting Director) for his work during the summer transfer window, especially with the last reinforcement on the last day, Romania international, Costel Pantilimon: “Richard (Barral) has done a fantastic job because the power to react was very limited. The financial situation was also limited. I want to congratulate him for the reaction power we had. The good job he's done being able to get Watford’s goalkeeper. It wasn’t an easy situation”.

Regarding Lucas’ arrival, the Deportivista coach said “it was also the Chairman's personal commitment. He was completely sure he was going to come. In the end he achieved it, like I told you. I was calm because up until now, Tino has proved he is a person that works well and when he is dead set on something he gets his way”.

He was “happy with the team that Dépor has tailored. It’s an exciting team to work with. With the transfer window closed, it depends on the professionals for everything to turn out well”. “I’m happy with the overall squad, we have a team to work well, to have alternatives. It depends on our work, on the coaching staff. We will work with enthusiasm to get our players to give their all”, he added.

Along these lines, Pepe Mel insisted that “our objective is to aspire to the highest. But not because the squad is already complete. The ones that were here before too. We have to respond to the demands of this Club and the demand always has to be a winning team. The coach is happy, comfortable and at ease with the squad he has. Getting the highest results depends on my work. I don’t hide. I know the Club has made an effort; the Scouting Department, with Richard as its leader, has done a good job. Now it's my turn”.

For this reason, the Branquiazul coach said “I have enough players to do a worthy season. A worthy season is that we never have to be thinking about the troubles we had in the past, and let’s leave it there, in the past. The players must give their all”.

He described the strengths of Dépor's 2017-18 squad: “I have pace, I have one-on-one players, I have good passers, I have eight good defenders. I’m happy with the keepers. Fabril also give us options in case we have problems. There’s a good midfield. It’s the coach’s job to get the best out of this”.

He went into further detail by naming players: “Adrián, Andone and Lucas give us plenty of options. I’m happy with Borja Valle staying, he is working rather well, with Fede Cartabia, Bakkali who give us different things, Bruno who had an exceptional season and has made a good start to the league, the possibility of having Pedro (Mosquera), Guilhe, Celso (Borges) and Valverde. It’s a squad that as a coach you can be calm with the pressures of being a coach and with the problem that I’m going to have to leave seven players out every weekend and another seven out of the eleven”.

He believes managing the team is “fundamental, but the group’s commitment is also fundamental, every squad member must be a good professional. Everyone is excited on Mondays. On Saturday when I announce the list of players, there will be seven who won’t be pleased. That's where team management comes in”.

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