Pepe Mel: "The team is improving, it’s becoming more solid"

22/10/2017 14:22

Pepe Mel stated in Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR’s press room, “We will try and share the effort” in a week with two league matches and a Copa del Rey encounter.

However, he admitted, “having more than 22 professional players is a problem. Not only do we have this problem, but we also have 4 keepers for one post. I’m sure that’ll increase the level, it’ll increase the competition. I hope that it will only benefit Deportivo”.

He explained that his task as a coach “is the day to day. Trying to work as best as possible, have the players ready and happy, which is one of the keys. It’s difficult when it’s such an extensive group as this one. I’m occupied with the day to day and it’s my only concern. Then, this is a game”.

He sees the team “is improving, it’s becoming more solid. Tomorrow we will play the 9th fixture, a good moment for the team to increase its performance”.

Regarding Girona, tomorrow's rival (9 pm, Gol), Pepe Mel said, “it’s a good rival, it has its things. They achieved a worthy promotion to First Division. They maintain the same style they had these years in Second Division and they do things well”.

He explained that the Catalan team “has its own personality. They play with three centre-backs, two wing-backs and two midfielders. It's neither offensive nor defensive. It’s a rival with clear strengths, one of them is in dead ball situations”.

Asked about Francis making it into the first team, the Deportivista coach believes that it is due to “a number of many things. Francis is a very skilful player whose potential was visible. He’s been lucky to come across a coach that doesn’t care about age or taking a risk”.

Pepe Mel then went over a list of players that debuted in professional football thanks to him: “Vadillo was 16 years old when he debuted in Primera Division, Beñat in Primera, Pozuelo in Primera, Adrián in Primera, as well as Arribas and Lucas Pérez back in the day when I promoted them from Rayo Vallecano B to Rayo A. That's taking risks. If the lad responds, magnificent, if not, it’s the coach that looks bad”.

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