Pepe Mel: "Tomorrow we’re going to need our people, we’re going to need their support"

25/04/2017 20:39

Pepe Mel stated in Abegondo’s press room that “no matter how the season ends, hopefully well, obviously meaning that Dépor remain in first division, I don’t think it’s something anyone can be proud or happy, beginning with me”.

He believes “even though I will have had 15 matches, it’s nothing to be happy about. I also expected much more. I’m not happy with the performance I’m obtaining. I expected more after the start”.

“With all the respect in the world”, he highlighted that “we have to cheer a player on whilst he’s working, whilst he’s on the pitch. People can then give their opinions after. Tomorrow we’re going to need our people, we’re going to need their support, because it’s a very tough rival. Not just tomorrow, but the next match we play in Riazor, and the last one against Las Palmas”.

Mel suggested that once the season ends, “all the professionals that work here, I mean in the sports department, we have to try and make it possible for our people to enjoy watching Dépor next season”.

Pepe Mel anticipates “four changes minimum” in the line-up against Real Madrid tonight (9:30 pm, Movistar Partidazo), compared to last Sunday’s starting XI against Real Sociedad in Anoeta: “We have to keep the team fresh. Because like everyone else, we have three matches this week. It would be illogical to play with the same eleven. Especially because of physical quality”.

He insisted that the team does not lack attitude, because “they run more than they should, and the numbers are there. The team runs a lot, but it runs badly, because they run when they shouldn’t have to. We lose the ball easily. It’s a huge advantage for the opponent and we have to try and improve that. It’s not a technical question. They are capable enough for this category. It’s a matter of positioning, a route that I have to mark”.

Pepe Mel assured the team will go out to win: “We’re only have three in our heads (referring to the points). We know the rival we’re facing. We know they need three points too. At home, in front of our people, we have to give a little extra in many aspects”.

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