Pepe Mel: “We have a very clear objective: to improve many things from last year”

06/07/2017 19:45

This morning, Pepe Mel gave his first press conference of the 2017-18 season where he stated that “improving has to always be the principle objective. Despite saving ourselves and the last match against Las Palmas, every Deportivista thinks improving is an obligation. But anyway, it’s not that complicated. Try and get the team to sail with certain ease, with certain calm. And it’s what we’re going to try and do especially with the pieces we’re missing and that have to make us better”.

Along these lines he said, “we have a very clear objective, which is to improve many things from last year. We owe it to the fans, we owe it to ourselves. Many things to improve and we have to begin now”.

He listed the positions in the team he considers should be reinforced right now: “We’re expecting a right-back, we're looking at a goalkeeper, we’re not exactly sure what’s going to happen with the central-defenders, with a long and demanding league like the Spanish one”.

With Laure and Lux's departure, both captains last season, the branquiazul coach highlighted, “it’s important because the captains represent all of us. One of the reasons why we all stay together is to bond. For me it's very important. It’s something that has been proven to be vital for some time in this Club, so that when the bad times come, we’re all together rowing in the same direction. In Vilalba which is where we’ll all be (7-11 August), it will be one of the aspects we will deal with”.

He explained that when they stay in Vilalba, “the squad will have a 99% resemblance to the one that’s going to compete. And then there will be important matters to deal with, like this one (who the captains will be)”.

He confessed that for this pre-season “we had options to go to Austria, Holland...train and compete against teams away from Galicia, which I think is absurd. We didn’t do this because it has to be done when the squad resembles the one that's going to play the first league match”.

Besides the international players Borges, Fayçal, Andone and Çolak, who will join the rest on Wednesday 12 July, “there are a minimum of 5 players yet to come”.

He confirmed the ideal number of squad members: If we want to count on our youth players, if we want them to have some kind of opportunity, a small squad is best. What's small? I believe that including the goalkeepers, no more than 23”.

Asked about Lucas Pérez, Pepe Mel indicated that “the problem is that there are three of us in this negotiation. I know Arsenal well because I’ve negotiated three times with them when I was in Seville. Arsenal doesn't give anything away, especially if they have paid before. I honestly think it’s difficult. I’ve told the Chairman to work more on Plan B, which will most likely be the one that's feasible. We’re obviously open to Lucas coming because he would make us be a team with many more things”.

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