Pepe Mel: “We have no option but to win”

29/09/2017 20:54

Referring to tomorrow’s match against Getafe CF at 1 pm (Bein LaLiga), Pepe Mel stated in today’s press conference at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR that, “we have no option but to win”

He confessed that his week had been “so-so. Working and thinking about Getafe, analysing Getafe, watching Getafe games. Beyond that, nothing special. When you reach a certain limit, you have to work peacefully because you need to focus all your senses on what you can achieve, what you can do”.

Regarding his continuity on the Deportivista bench, the coach said, “I understand the football rules, I understand my job’s rules, I understand the rule that every coach lives off results. The results aren’t good, and beyond whether they’ve told me that or not, what I’m sure of is that I only have one objective, which is beating Getafe”.

Along these lines he said, “the pressure is on me. The team must be left aside”. He explained, “I am the one most responsible. Tomorrow, we’re playing for three points for Dépor, another thing is what’s on the line for me, but for Dépor it’s three points. We have to make the lads see that the three points are important for them, for the table, for Dépor’s future in the league and to be in a more comfortable position in the table”

He also highlighted that “if we beat Getafe, which I’m sure we will, my job will be on the line against Eibar. If we win, it’ll be on the line against Girona, because when a coach is in this situation, they’re quite affected by it. This is the way it is. It’s going to be continuous. If I’m lucky and everything turns out well, and the results back this, my biggest wish would be to reach May”.

He stated that his relationship with the players is “quite good. They know that my decisions are based on the way we expect them to respond on the pitch. They don’t go beyond that. We train well, the atmosphere in the training sessions is good. The coaching staff-players relationship is good, but the results aren’t backing us. The best way to back the coaching staff tomorrow is for them to give their all, and sweat blood. Beyond the result, I will be happy with them if they perform this way. This is a game, in which many things happen”.

Pepe Mel urged his team to “focus on the game. What’s important is to focus on the things we do well and improve those we do badly, which tend to kill us”.

That is why the Deportivista coach emphasized on the “tactical aspects. Correct those mistakes that are harming us so much”.

He described Getafe as “a good team”, that also “is coming from playing well”. Therefore, he believes “if we focus on the coach, Dépor will surely lose. I want to focus on speaking to them. We’ve watched videos of things we need to improve, we’ve watched videos of things we do well, because we don’t do everything badly”.

He expects a team “like all those that come from Second Division, they begin well with a good dynamic, and that lasts minimum two months. They’ve signed well. They have a very compact midfield, with Vergara; speed with Álvaro and Amat. Then, Jorge Molina who I love, does things really well. I had him for six years. I know him perfectly well. A hard team, that close well, and with a 4-4-2 formation, they don’t leave any space”.

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