Pepe Mel: “We try to instil this sense of belonging to the footballers”

04/08/2017 12:52

After joining the Sea Folk with the rest of the coaching staff, Pepe Mel spoke to the press at the Dépor Supporters Office this morning. “It was the first thing we did when we arrived here in March. Having a sense of belonging is very important. We try and instil this to the players. Therefore, for someone that’s from the city, that’s Galician, that loves Dépor, it’s a way of helping your Club, of saying ‘here I am’, and I’m doing what I can. What I can do is become a member and support you from a seat in the stands”, he said before collecting his season ticket.

Before anything else, he explained why he was sent off in Oviedo yesterday: “The referee came to the bench half threatening us. It doesn’t matter if it's a friendly, we can't let anyone threaten us. Especially in a game that's for training. But it was nothing".

Regarding the goalless match against the Asturian side, the Deportivista coach highlighted that “we worked on defensive aspects that we couldn’t work on in the first matches. Much better than against Porto. We were more compact and pressed more when we lost the ball. Things we are working on and that little by little we’ll see the results”.

He revealed he had spoken “a couple of times” to Adrián López, one of the players rumoured to be joining the team: “He is quite receptive. We hope everything sorts itself out. I think the team needs someone to complement it up at the front. I don’t want anyone that will compete with Florin. I want someone that complements us, that makes us better. That’s why the Scouting Department is working on finding that piece”.

Along these lines, he insisted “I understand the Club I’m in, the difficulties we have, how difficult the market is. There are teams that have entered the market with strong economic force. We have to wait for the things we truly need and try not to get it wrong”.

He asked the fans to have “patience, the same as I have. Trust the Scouting Department, and that they are working as well as they can. The market isn’t easy for us”. “I’m telling the people to be calm, that we’re working well. Things are improving. I’m sure that Dépor is going to have a good year”, he added.

Pepe Mel is clear that Dépor is a team that “has to work from a strong defence and then try and build play as best as possible, because we have what it takes”.

Finally, regarding tomorrow’s rival for the 72nd edition of the Teresa Herrera Trophy (8:30 pm) at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR, West Bromwich Albion, he stressed “they are a classic Premier League rival, very tough, they do things well, they work well. It’s a very hard and strong team”.

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