RC Deportivo and A Coruña City Council strengthen their ties

29/06/2017 08:20

Xulio Ferreiro and Tino Fernandez signed the addendum to the agreement of 7 August 2000 that regulates the use of Riazor Stadium, which includes different commitments for both entities.

With this addendum, A Coruña City Council becomes RC Deportivo’s collaborator and will be responsible for the renovation of the stadium’s roof. RC Deportivo will revamp Riazor’s facade and will collaborate with the Municipality’s Sporting Schools.

Ferreiro highlighted that “Deportivo embodies values that are very rooted in A Coruña city, it is the people’s heritage, but beyond that, it’s an obvious projection element of our city”.

The city’s mayor stated that the Club has taken on a series of commitments with A Coruña, that “have to do with Riazor’s interior and exterior” as well as the “financial and technical” collaboration with the Municipality’s Sporting Schools.

Regarding Riazor stadium, Tino Fernandez said that RC Deportivo has agreed to “finish what I would call a third phase. The first phase was the interior renovation: digital scoreboards, seats, the athletics track... The improvement on the inside. The City Council improves the top and we improve the exterior, the project of revamping the facade, so that everything reaches the standards of Deportivo, the city and the stadium itself”.

Deportivo's chairman noted that “we are renovating and improving. We are modifying the dressing rooms’ exit, embedding the benches in the stands, and creating VIP seating around those benches...” and he said the work would be finished for the 5th August, when the Teresa Herrera Trophy will be held.

Tino Fernandez revealed that the addendum includes that “the Club will be in charge of the roof maintenance once the renovation project has finished”.

Regarding the collaboration with the Municipality's Sporting Schools, the branquiazul chairman was happy: “We are very proud to be able to collaborate with the City Council so that our city's sport improves and becomes a reference not just in the football world”.

Tino Fernandez also revealed that the Club has already formally requested, “even though it is not in the agreement”, that the City Council give the relevant authorization “so that we can add a surname, a trade name to Estadio de Riazor, anticipating that a deal can be closed”.

“If things go as we expect, Deportivo's commitment will be to maintain the investment effort or even increase it a little more than improving infrastructures. The idea is to double in the next five years the 3.5 million euros we’ve invested in the three and a half years we’ve been here”, he highlighted. He also stressed that the Club “will have to make an important investment in lighting, which will be linked to the roof project”.

Lastly, Tino Fernandez said “if we can, even though we’ve put it on standby waiting for better times, we will also recover the museum project. We haven’t lost sight of it and we would like to do it. We’re not talking about just any museum, it will be a renowned museum within the city”.