Seedorf believes he has built a Dépor that now has “a philosophy, a team identity”

18/05/2018 21:27

Clarence Seedorf highlighted in today’s press conference that the Branquiazul players have “trained with a lot of professionalism this week. Today it was lighter because the other 3 were very intense. I’m quite proud of this group because they have a good mindset of always training well and doing things well.”

The Dutch coach insisted “we’re going to go to Valencia, knowing they're a great talented team, to try and finish the season the best way possible.”

Regarding Sunday’s clash, he said “everyone (referring to his players) can prove their worth. Perhaps open a market they don’t have today. There are several players here that are in this type of situation and have to seize the moment to increase their possibilities, create a future. And bearing this in mind I am going to create the team. We’re not going there to concede 5 goals. That’s obvious.”

Asked about his future, he recalled that “the Club (in Tino Fernandez’s words) have said they want to wait 2 or 3 weeks to decide. Obviously, nobody else, neither players nor the coach, can think about anything other than the Valencia match,” the last fixture of LaLiga Santander, on Sunday at 12 pm (Bein LaLiga).

Along these lines, he also pointed out “I have interesting projects but at the moment I want to end well. Then I want to hear offers, see what there is.”

He insisted, “it was and is an honour to work with this group. I have seen the complete opposite of what I had heard. I congratulate them for all they’ve given, because the results didn’t come. We didn’t achieve the objective. It was a huge disappointment. There are players that are even penalised by contract for not having achieved the objective. We’re the first ones to suffer this. But in a footballer’s or coach’s life, it’s the relationships that remain. And what I can say is that the relationships created here are much better, much stronger and much more loyal. There’s a splendid atmosphere, one of utmost respect. This was successfully achieved by all of us and is of great value for the Club as they can continue building on what we’ve created here.”

He emphasized that the results in terms of play came through, “A philosophy, a team identity. And against the most important teams in Spain, leaving a very good image on a group level. And that’s worthy. Then we’re just going to look at numbers where people will say we only won 2 games, drew 6 and lost 7. Our work produced results,” he concluded.

He wished to highlight, “it was a huge disappointment not having achieved the objective. For the work done, we should have remained in Primera. But that’s sport. It’s a pity not being able to carry on in LaLiga. At this stage it’s fair to give the Club space to clear things up and make the decisions they think best. I don’t want to pressure anyone. After so many years, Dépor need to do things well. I want them to do things well for the Club, for the future of the Club. For the fans to dream about real things again.”

Seedorf believes that Deportivo now need to carry out “good work, a good programme and a good plan. A plan that goes beyond a year.”

He recommended that “the last thing you should say to the fans is that we’ll be back up next year. It’s obvious that whoever is there wants to promote, it's an objective. But it doesn’t just depend on you to achieve it.” That is why he urged “to communicate the possibilities realistically. Before talking there must be a plan.”

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