Seedorf, in his presentation: "I believe I can give something important to the Club”

05/02/2018 22:23

Clarence Clyde Seedorf (Paramaribo, Suriname, 1 April 1976) was unveiled in a press conference this evening as Deportivo’s new coach for the rest of the season.

In his introduction, Tino Fernández highlighted the "conviction, strength, energy that Clarence conveys and that you will get to see.”

The Chairman assured that “we are up against an achievable challenge, a challenge that foresees 16 matches ahead, that we have a 3-point disadvantage under what we consider our objective at the moment. We’re very convinced that we can pull this off together. He conveys energy and conviction, he conveyed it to us, and we’ll see that in the future for sure.”

He highlighted that “leadership” is the reason for his signing: “The team needs to be reinforced and improve their leadership, charisma. We were only looking for candidates with that quality. He has that.”

He also revealed that he had signed his contract until the end of the season: He didn’t request anything. He highlighted his conviction. That’s important. He’s come to win this challenge. And he didn’t request anything: ‘We’ll speak in June. We’re going to achieve this. I’m not looking for a longer contract. If you don’t want to count on me in the future then there’ll be a fine...’ That was never the way he requested it. He is sure of himself and he has conveyed that from the beginning. He trusts his possibilities with Deportivo, and wants to be involved in this project.”

In the Chairman’s opinion, “the biggest challenge we have is to improve our performance and improve the group. According to his profile, personality and experience he can achieve it.”

Clarence Seedorf, in his first words to the press, stated that “Dépor is a club with a lot of history, it doesn’t deserve to be where it is. But even when you do things well you don’t always obtain results in football and sports.”

He highlighted that “I think the people in the Club are convinced that there’s quality, that there’s a team which could be in a better position than it’s in now. I like a challenge. It’s easy to take on something that already works. We found each other, there’s a ‘good vibe’ between us and I’m here. I think it’s possible, I think I can offer something important to the Club and the Club can offer me something important too.”

The Dutch coach assured that “we need everybody, the Club, the supporters, I know from experience that it has always been difficult to play here because of the atmosphere created in Riazor. It’s important that everyone believes that we’re going to do it, what we can do, what the group is worth. That’s what we’re going to work for.”

Going over Dépor’s matches this season, Seedorf thinks that “we have to change that energy, we have to be positive, we have to believe in what we’re doing, look for your own luck. I don’t believe in bad luck. You can create your own luck by working on a daily basis.”

He’s convinced that “I can do a good job like I already did in Milan. We got 35 points in 19 matches. The team was 3 points away from the relegation zone and we went all the way up to the 7th position. Nobody says this. The most important thing is the group. I’ve seen a lot of motivation in people’s eyes, willingness to work. If we needed 24 hours, people are willing to do it. Group work, unity, those are the factors that make a difference.”