Seedorf: “We’re going to give our all for the fans, for this Club, until the end”

06/04/2018 23:33

Clarence Seedorf stated at the ABANCA-RIAZOR’s press room that “this team has truly worked in an exemplary manner since I have arrived. We’re going to carry on like that. The atmosphere was fine, we're happy but very frustrated inside because we want more, and we believe that this should have happened much earlier. We're still frustrated.”

He insisted “we’ve won 3 points, but we know that the journey doesn’t end today. For us it begins today with other beliefs, another situation, another way to be able to work daily next week, knowing that the next match is going to be really tough.”

The Dutch coach believes that the team dropped back when they were 1-0 up: “It looked like there were only 10 minutes left and there were 70,” but in the second-half, “we made some changes mainly the attitude, being further up, pressing higher, and playing when we had the ball. We practically played in their half in the second-half.”

He assured, “I still believe. Even more now. If I was optimistic yesterday, imagine how I feel now. We have to carry on our way, taking each match as it comes along. Every match is going to be different, with completely different rivals.”

He also highlighted that “luck changed when Riazor became engaged. It’s fundamental for it to stay that way in home games. We’re going to give our all for the fans, for this Club, until the end. We’re very grateful for all the support and I know it’s hard for the fans. We have to believe, there’s reason to believe. We proved that the team is motivated, it’s alive.”

Malaga CF’s coach, Jose Gonzalez, stated that “the team lost in terms of bravery. Dépor beat us because they counter-attacked, they went for the match, for being 1-1 and losing balls when we were attacking.”

He highlighted he is “very proud with his players’ work, they began the match uphill with a very dubious penalty. The team played very good football in the first-half. They had more spirit in the first 10 minutes of the second-half. We were a bit slow there. We lost many balls in the third quarter so there were many counter-attacks. But if a rival counter-attacks it's because your team’s attacking.”

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