Several organisations, in the Charity Stand during the Sevilla and Real Sociedad games

07/12/2016 10:45

Several charities had the pleasure of enjoying Dépor's last two matches at home against Sevilla and Real Sociedad from the Charity Stand.

The charities invited to the match against Seville were, Egovarros Viveiro, Proyecto Educativo La Marola, Centro de Menores S. José de Calasanz, Aspronaga, Casco (Comité Antisida Coruña), Asociación Deportiva Cristo Rey, Fundación Adcor, Colectivo Moucho, Sor Eusebia, Asociación Remar, and Asociación Misela. Last weekend the following charities Donantes de Sangre, Asociación Down Coruña, Artefios, Asociación Prodeme Monforte, joined (Sor Eusebia, Colectivo Moucho, Casco, Fundación Adcor, Proyecto Educativo La Marola, Aspronaga) who repeated the experience.

The Charity Stand in Riazor consists of 250 seats which are allocated each match to charities, NGOs or any kind of organizations which work for social integration, education, health, and childcare in our community. As is the case, according to RC Deportivo’s Transparency and Social Responsibility policy, the organizations that use the Charity Stand will always be made public. To request this service, please contact the Club’s Social Responsibility Department at responsabilidadsocial@rcdeportivo.es or call (+34) 981 229 410.