Teresa Abelleira suggests "playing midweek" to finish the Primera Iberdrola league

24/03/2020 20:40

Teresa Abelleira was the centre of attention in today's virtual press conference.

First, the Galician midfielder assured everyone she is not thinking about her renewal: "The most important thing now is for everyone to be well and to get back to competing as soon as possible, so we can carry on enjoying this season. Then we'll see how everything else goes."

In fact, asked about possible offers, she insisted "that's handled by other people. What I care about most now is my team."

She explained that the confinement "is becoming a bit unbearable and overwhelming" and she admitted that "it looks like the league isn't going to start any time soon. I hope we can play again as soon as possible."

She went on to say that the Deportivista squad "is so united that we miss one another. We try to talk through the group the team has as much as possible, carry out some tasks that Manu has already explained, and keep in contact."

Her daily life is as follows: "I get up, have breakfast and carry out the routine Lucía (the women's team's fitness coach) sends us, to keep fit and carry on working on the aspects she's in charge of - our fitness. I'm also preparing the entry exam for an NVQ level 4, I'm taking the exams. I'm currently watching the series 'Toy Boy', I don't know which one I'll watch next."

In fact, she highlighted "Lucía's incredible work so that we're all in top shape. I don't think we'll have any problems when we return. We'll see how fit we are when the competition restarts, but I think we're going to be fine."

She misses her family who are in Pontevedra, and "I am in A Coruña. I would have loved to spend these days with my goddaughter Daniela. I don't get to see her much, so this would have been a good moment to be with her."

She also misses "playing with the ball and a football pitch. I have cravings for football and kicking a ball about. I long to train with my teammates and coaches."

Basically, Teresa is having a bad time these days "for not having the freedom to do what one wants, to not be able to leave home. It's getting to me a bit."

She suggested "playing midweek" to finish the league, a wish she keeps on expressing over and over again.

Teresa Abelleira also explained she was afraid that Dépor ABANCA's fantastic season might be overshadowed by this situation: "We're never going to forget this season. We've done something that no newly promoted team has ever done. It's a really good season and it may be forgotten because of this situation. I would hate for that to happen; I hope it doesn't."

Speaking of Deportivo ABANCA's debut in the Primera Iberdrola, the Branquiazul player was surprised by "the capacity we have to be in Spain's top-flight and the high level of our performance." Among the players she has faced, she highlighted Alexia Putellas: "In the match against FC Barcelona (Copa de la Reina) she showed admirable human values. She cheered each and every one of us after having won. I also like her football a lot."

Her happiest moment in Deportivo ABANCA was the match in Arguineguín last season, which resulted in the team's promotion to the women's top-flight competition in Spain: "I'd highlight all of last season. On a personal and football level. The group made it a once-in-a-lifetime season. It was the year that we achieved this project's promotion."