The lads believe this is “changing point” and “this is the way”

23/02/2018 23:49

Juanfran and Adrian spoke in Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR’s mixed zone.

The Branquiazul right-back highlighted that this draw leaves the dressing room “feeling awkward because we have good sensations with the way we played. Today we pressed until the end, but the fact we need points leaves you feeling a little sad. In another situation we would’ve been very happy.”

Juanfran pointed out “this is the way. We achieved a clean sheet which is basic to get out of this situation. We have to carry on, on Wednesday we have another battle, with this attitude the team is going to get out of this situation.”

Asked about the fans’ affectionate response, he believes that “the final applause says a lot about Riazor. This Club is different because of the fact that the people who suffer year after year come back. This is different and we all deserve for things to start going well, leave this situation behind and start growing.”

Adrian Lopez, tonight’s captain, emphasized “we didn’t let them create any threats. On the contrary, we hit the post twice, we reached their box more than theirs, then Lucas’ penalty. Diego Lopez (Espanyol's goalkeeper) did a spectacular save because his shot was quite good. We needed that today.”

For this reason, the Asturian striker believes “the fans ended happy and acknowledged the team's work. Despite not having won it can be a good changing point to cheer up, to be more united with our fans again, and carry on this way. If we’re able to do games like today’s, we’ll quickly get the 3 points.”

Regarding Lucas’ penalty, Adrian pointed out “in my opinion he doesn’t fail, it’s Diego that gets it right. Of course he’s upset. He could’ve scored and we could’ve had 3 points. He’s going to have that in his mind, but only today, he’ll have a restless night, but we’ll cheer his up tomorrow and I’m sure he’ll get over it soon. He's a great player, he performed really well, he was one of the best. We have to carry on. Only the one that takes penalties misses them.”

Regarding the fans, he stated, “they saw the team's work. They know we did everything to win. It didn’t happen, the ball didn’t go in. They appreciated it with that round of applause. For us it’s important. That’s why this match has to be the changing point, and this is the way.”