The lads go over tactics in groups and rehearse set pieces

29/01/2021 13:42

Rubén de la Barrera divided his squad into two groups in order to go over tactics once they had warmed up.

The Deportivista coach worked on defending drills with one group on pitch number 2, whilst José Manuel Martínez Paz 'Secho' went over attacking moves with the other group on pitch number 3. 

The morning session finished with the team rehearsing set pieces ahead of Sunday's game.

Keko, Uche and Héctor completed the training session without a problem. Rubén de la Barrera referred to them in today's press conference: "It's great news to have been able to count on  everyone during yesterday's afternoon session. It's true that Keko and Uche have made progress. I could contemplate on counting on them for Sunday's game. And we'll see how Héctor progresses and how he feels at the end of this week's last session. Out of the three, he is probably the one that's still up in the air."

Youth players Adri Castro, Dani Barcia and Padín trained with the first team. The only player who did not train outdoors was Diego Rolan. The Uruguayan international carried out a specific workout in the gym. The Branquiazuil coach also referred to him when he said, "until the last moment, until everything is cleared, he is our player. If he is willing to help the team, of course we'll count on him. What happens from here on will be determined by this. But so far, Diego is going to help; he is helping the Club, the team, and throughout the two previous weeks and this one, after everything that's come out, his attitude has been admirable and eager to help."

The lads return to training tomorrow at 11am in Abegondo. At the end of the session, Rubén de la Barrera will announce the squad that will host Unionistas de Salamanca CF at the ABANCA-RIAZOR on Sunday, at 7pm (TVG).