The last minutes of the match in Tenerife leave the team with a sour taste

01/09/2018 23:45

Vicente Gomez and Borja Valle spoke to the press at the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez’s mixed zone.

The Branquiazul midfielder believes “we did well in the first half. In the second half, with the changes Tenerife made and winning, we fell back. We lost some control of the game. The most important thing was we were able to turn it around. The last action was a shame that we conceded a goal from a dead-ball situation, something we rehearse a lot. We’re going home with that sensation of having left 2 points here today.”

Vicente emphasized that after half-time, Tenerife “varied their tactical approach. They began to put people in the middle, behind our midfielders and we found it tough. On the positive side, the team was able to turn this around. We tried to control the game a little more. It’s true it was a game of two halves. A shame that we were able to hold a draw, take the lead, and lose that advantage in the last action.”

Borja Valle described the last action of the match with one word: “Football. During a moment you relax, let your guard down, and think you have something which is already yours, in this division they take it away.

The striker from El Bierzo leaves “with a sour taste because of the way the second half went down in the last 3 minutes. We scored the goal that we thought gave us the victory and they did not give up, and they equalised in the last action.”

In his opinion, in the first half, Deportivo “were better. They turned the screws on in the second, they scored a goal and they got confident. It’s bittersweet because of the way the last minutes went down, but we must look at the positive side because they did well too.”