Tino Fernandez: “Let’s do something honest, transparent, clear and equal for everyone”

14/06/2018 09:00

Real Club Deportivo’s Chairman, Tino Fernandez, was at the Dépor Supporters’ Office (located this summer at the Postal Office’s Main Headquarters in A Coruña) to pick up his Dépor season ticket for 2018-2019.

He then spoke to the press about some of the current issues of the Club. Regarding the Shareholders’ Meeting the following 11 and 12 of July in Palexco, he clarified that the share delegation model that the shareholders had received in the last days in the addresses linked to their information as owner of Dépor: “The delegation model is the same as always, with names, surnames and signatures. Although it goes further than the automated data processing; because they are all encoded and avoid mistakes with the barcode reading. It also gives greater safety in terms of identity accreditation because, as all large companies do, they send an attendance or delegation card to be filled by the shareholder. The card can be filled and sent by mail, filled and handed in by anyone who has been allowed to hand it in, or they can come to the Dépor Supporters’ Office, request for it to be printed, signed and delegated to whom they wish. There’s a whole month to do whatever one considers they should or assist the Meeting. This is the same for everyone and it doesn’t limit anyone’s right to participate. The Meeting has been set as the law has ordered, by being published on the BORME and media, so it will take place according to the rules that have been published and to my understanding, if anyone considers that it’s set in an illegal manner, what they have to do is challenge the announcement and the setting. If not, it will have to take place under those regulations. It’s also a way to avoid problems because in a previous share presentation there were photocopies, mails and whatsapps. It's a good way to avoid problems and arguments amongst us and that take us nowhere. Let’s do something honest, transparent, clear and equal for everyone. You can’t be any clearer or legal than that.”

When asked about three shareholders’ request to access the stock registry, he clarified that "Miguel Otero’s request and another shareholder was an electronic copy of the shareholders’ books and access to all the documents that supported all entries in the book. We believe that this request is illegal and as it wasn't considered legal we didn’t believe that we had to attend to it. Yesterday afternoon, he placed a new request and expressed it in terms which go accordingly with the rules, so it shall be attended, because there’s no problem. In terms of following the rules, we're very happy with what we're doing and what we’ve done these last few years and if the request is valid and has a right to it, he will have access to the shareholders’ books, but without allowing him to take the database.”

As for the season ticket campaign launched last Monday in the same place that he attended the press, he said that: we’ve planned the campaign with a discount that for some people is too small, but we’ve evaluated that the ticket policy for Deportivo in the past has always been good, we’ve had some tight prices, cheap, that we haven’t raised. That is why we emphasize that they are practically the same as in 2011 with an IPC that has gone up and we try to improve as much as possible the good pricing policy. We’ve incorporated new discounts, to new groups and extended them to all the stands. We’ve also generated new packages for clubs, students, children, companies or families. We’ve expanded the offer. If we kept the same amount of season ticket holders we would go down to 400,000 euros. Looking at it from a more conservative point of view, if we were to have the same amount of season ticket holders as the last campaign in Second Division, which didn’t reach 21,000 holders, we would have to go 1 million euros. And we have a team in Second Division B, a women's team and we have to maintain the investment in the Football Academy, on a professional level and present at tournaments. We want to maintain that, and also change the lighting in Riazor which costs 1,700,000 euros with VAT included. Therefore, our approach is to avoid things going wrong. The average cost for a Deportivo season ticket holder is 215 euros a year. The discounts apply to 43% of the holders, who have a 20% and a 50% discount. But even those who don’t have discounts have matches under 7 euros and 24 in the most expensive tier, transport included for those who come from outside Coruña, "he explained.

Regarding the sports aspects, he spoke about the incorporation of a new coach: “We will announce when we have a new coach, or if we had signed one we’d announce it. We're not going to pay a clause for anyone. We’re close to the signing closure of a coach for the first team and Fabril. Everything has been said by the Sporting Director,” whilst when asked about Uxio continuing in Fabril, he stated that “Uxio is of great value as a player and as part of the group, therefore we’re happy with his signing this afternoon,” he concluded.