Tino Fernández: "Relegation does not pose any economic risk for the future"

08/05/2018 21:51

Tino Fernandez highlighted that “those that relegate do so because they’ve performed worse. We cannot speak of accidents or bad luck.”

According to Dépor’s Chairman, “when speaking about the causes, we have to take into account our proposal’s configuration of the game and squad, and then matters like performance which affect the players and the conditions generated by those that are around them. When we talk about a complex process such as this one, it’s impossible finding just one cause. There are multiple reasons that have brought us here.”

He believed, as Carmelo del Pozo highlighted, “team work, communication is something we have to improve for the future. Perhaps those slightly halting relations between the Sports Management, the coaching staff...was something that neither contributed now was it good.”

Carmelo’s incorporation makes the Club, as Tino Fernandez points out, move towards a model of “sporting commission, who we will see who forms part of it in the end. We still have to polish some details. We come from a model where the Board vouched the decisions. That’s the reality. The only decision that was made without the Sports Management’s approval was when we hired Victor Sanchez del Amo. The rest, whether it was to incorporate or reject players, coaches, we stuck to the offer that had the Sports Management's approval.”

From an economic point of view, Deportivo's relegation “does not pose any risk for the future. Yes, we are upset with the way the football side of things has gone this season, but I believe there are other areas of work which have done very well. We have structured a complex situation. We continue having a high debt that has not disappeared. We have greatly reduced it. We have paid off a lot of debt these years. We’ll see this year’s accounts. We had 19,200,000€ just in debt the previous season. We're actually talking about really high amounts. Within a structure that helps us calmly face the future, not just the immediate future but also a long-term one.”

He recalled that when the agreement with the creditors and the viability plans were closed, “we took into account some seasons in Segunda. Nobody wished for it to happen. We all wish to return to Primera as soon as possible and remain there forever. There’s no economic risk for Deportivo’s future.”

He admitted that the Club “has to outline the budgets” for the next season. “It’s going to be one of the highest in that tier. I’m sure it’s something normal, like any of the 3 relegated teams. We have some debt to pay off that is also important for that tier. We have more income than many other clubs in that division, such as season-tickets, sponsors, VIP Boxes... We have a good situation.” He compares the budget “to the salary cap of the teams that relegated last year. Granada had about 18 million, 17 something. Sporting had the lowest, about 11 something.”

With 7 coaches in the last 4 seasons, he admitted that, “we are not satisfied with what has happened up to now. It’s also true that the teams in the bottom part of the league table have the most amount of coaches. We’ve always been in the bottom and it’s a statistic matter. The clubs from the 10th position downwards change their coach the most.”

He believes this summer is going to be “intense due to the amount of operations. It’s normal. We have to think there’s going to be loads of work because there will probably be a lot of departures, and a significant number of people coming. We have to decide on the coaching staff.” “When there’s a change of tier, including a promotion, there are lots of operations. It’s not the same if your consolidated in First Division, mid-table, making 3 or 4 adjustments,” he added.

He stated “it's true that in most cases, not all, there are different clauses in Primera or in Segunda which are agreed upon when the contracts are signed. The other part also has its idea.”

He did emphasize however, that “there is an important element which is wanting to stay, being excited with the project. Not feeling forced to stay because of the contract. The key is being very convinced. From an economic point of view, we’re not obliged to let go of anyone in specific. It’s true however, that the whole squad does not fit in Segunda. There’s no obligation either for anyone specific to leave. We will value our assets and we will try to mix the economic factor with the motivation factor and the sporting interest.”

He confirmed he had had a conversation with Miguel Otero, who also confirmed that he was “going to present the shares on Thursday” in order to request an Extraordinary General Meeting. Regarding this, he explained that “the Club has rules that govern its operation. And if everything is ok, the shareholders’ requests will be met, as they must be in this case.”

He also said, “we are going to run and make the most of this, so that we can introduce and incorporate some changes we have in mind for the future, when the time is right.”

Finally, Tino Fernandez stated that the price of the season-tickets will be reduced, and due to the work on ABANCA-RIAZOR’s roof, the Dépor Supporters’ Office will be moved to the Correos (Post Office) building in A Coruña city centre.