Vicente believes the team is "tougher"

05/08/2019 20:30

Vicente Gómez was the centre of attention in Abegondo this morning.

The Branquiazul midfielder believes the team have put what happened in last season's last match behind them: "We now have to start shaping the team, get fit and try to reach my best version, and the team's. That's what we're working on."

He compared what happened in Mallorca to what he experienced as a UD Las Palmas player: "On the last day when everything's in our favour, we lost. In my case, they suggested not to forget it, to always remember it. Everything can change at any given moment. Having it there in the back of your mind, being aware of how we experienced that moment, makes you stronger, it motivates you to give everything you've got in those delicate moments," he concluded.

Regarding the Son Moix clash, he was very self-critical: "I had a shit game. That's the truth. It's not that I feel marked, but I'm aware that I wasn't up to standard. I have no problem admitting it."

Although he considers it "too soon" to assess the squad "as it's still not 100 % complete," he highlighted that "so far, there's a tougher team perhaps. It's braver, it's trying to be more competitive, more similar to what Second Division's about; on the second ball, being more compact, understanding that we have to win games without conceding. That's probably why we're feeling more comfortable." 

Vicente Gómez emphasized that "the main idea is to be secure at the back, to be a tough team to beat, to take the initiative to press and the rivals feel uncomfortable."

Asked about the Branquiazul side's objectives, he believes, "Dépor, due to its name, team, city and everything, is always going to be a candidate for everything. But it's true we now have other financial circumstances. It's going to happen to the other teams that have relegated, just like it happened to us. None of the three teams promoted. Having a little more money is not a synonym of success or failure."

On a personal level, he commented, "Anquela knows us all. He knows what each one of us can give. He will require of me what he thinks I can give. To be a more significant player with the ball, and without the ball like everyone else; be aggressive, press and make the opponent feel uncomfortable. We can be that team and we have quality players to achieve important things." 

He confessed that the Deportivista coach has clearly stated his position is in the "midfield. He knows me from many years ago. He knows I can perform in different situations and he will think about it."

He gives his first season at the ABANCA-RIAZOR a "pass". "The start was very good. I played well. In the second half of the season my level, like the team's, dropped. We got a new coach. I didn't achieve that regularity I wished for. It's true I was able to turn that around and play the final important games. But it all blew up on the last day, not being up to standard when I've played games like those many times, I've played many playoffs and I've always performed. Not being up to standard lowers my grade a lot," he pointed out. 

For the last days of the pre-season, Vicente sets his own goals: "I want to get fitter, and then everything we're tactically working on results in a reliable, solid team in the next pre-season match, and give that little extra with the ball. And so progressively we can get to the first league match against Real Oviedo as a team with our own stamp."