“We have to run a lot, but we have to run well,” warned Cristobal about tomorrow’s match at the Camp Nou

16/12/2017 14:28

Cristobal Parralo stated at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR’s press room this morning, that Barcelona, tomorrow’s rival at the Camp Nou (8:45pm, Movistar Partidazo), “is not just one of the best teams in the world, but the best, with tremendously great players.”

For this reason, to try and get something positive out of the Camp Nou “we have to play collectively, help each other a lot, and stay focused throughout the whole match.”

Asked about Leo Messi, the Deportivista coach highlighted, “he’s a player that’s marking an era. He’s the player with the most impact I’ve ever seen. We have to help each other a lot, so that they can’t feed him balls, for him to participate as little as possible. We have to play collectively,” he insisted.

Tomorrow, when Dépor has the ball, he said, “we have to try and be ourselves. Not because we’re playing against Barcelona do we have to lose the ball continuously, not be able to keep it and create difficulties for them. We have to run a lot, but we have to run well. Barcelona yields you because they have top-quality players, a team that attacks with possession. We have to be as close together as possible, so those distances aren’t very big, and we can maintain the level throughout the whole match.”

Cristobal Parralo recalled his time as an FC Barcelona player: “I was very young, I was gaining experience. My debut was a dream, to play in First Division is any boy’s top wish. I achieved it. I was lucky to work with very good teammates, with a very high level. I have fond memories and those experiences helped me throughout the rest of my career as a player, and even having those coaches that I had helped me develop a bit.”

He explained why Florin Andone had been dropped from the list: “When the session finished, he had pain in an adductor. I asked him, he told me he wasn’t well, he wasn’t up for travelling. I then spoke to the doctors, who told me he had pain and that they were going to do tests on Monday. That’s why he isn’t on the list.”

Regarding Dépor’s next LaLiga fixture, #ONOSODERBI (our derby), on Saturday 23 December, Cristobal stated that the the Branquiazul squad only have the Camp Nou match “set in their minds. We have to compete in all kinds of situations, in all kinds of grounds, and against all kinds of rivals. The first important match we have is tomorrow, with 3 points at stake. We have to go out and enjoy, compete, and see if we can gain a positive result.”

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