“We have, you still have time. The goal is there,” assured Natxo in his farewell

09/04/2019 11:45

Natxo González said farewell in Abegondo’s press room this morning. The Basque coach was accompanied by Ramon Piña and Dani Ramos; and by the Football Director, Carmelo del Pozo, who had the first word: “He has proved that it was a good and valuable idea to take him on; he proved us right about what we thought of him. On behalf of the Club and myself, all I can say is thank you and apologise if we haven’t been able to be there for you and help you with certain needs. It has been a pleasure. We’re delighted to have had you here with us.”

Next, Natxo González recalled his arrival in A Coruña with his family 10 months ago, “we arrived with our luggage full of hope for this project and a risky challenge. But it was motivating because it was a step forward in my career. After 9 months, 204 sessions, 33 matches in the league, 13 victories, 15 draws, 5 defeats, and in qualifying positions for the pay-offs throughout the whole season, I am speaking to you for the last time.”

He is “eternally grateful” to Carmelo del Pozo for giving him the opportunity to coach Dépor, “obviously with the Club’s consent, with Tino at the helm. The only thing I can say is, thank you. Thank you for having given me the opportunity to come to this great Club; to get to know A Coruña; it’s gastronomy, which is really good.”

“Thanks to the players, to the people who surround the first team, those who were by my side making things easier for me in Abegondo, which has practically been our home. The dinner ladies, cleaning ladies, the groundsmen. Good people as I expected. We’re from the North and we share the same profile,” he added.

He confessed that he’s leaving Dépor “calm, I’d even say happy with everything I’ve learnt for my future. I’m neither disappointed nor frustrated. I can’t blame myself for not having achieved the goal I was marked because I haven’t seen it through to the end. I don't know what would have happened if I’d seen it through. “We have, you still have time. The goal is there.”

He highlighted that he is out “due to what the team have conveyed in the latest fixtures, hitting rock bottom on Saturday. I told Carmelo I was strong enough and had the capability of changing this because what’s dark today can be light tomorrow. There are things out of my control and they've decided not to let me continue.”

The former Deportivo coach insisted that he felt no disappointment with his departure, “of course I’m also responsible for the latest results. I’m sure I’ve made bad or wrong choices. I’m also sure I've made good ones. But that’s the way life goes. I’m human. I’m satisfied with the choices I've made, the ones I had power over. The only thing out of my control is that I couldn’t do more. Perhaps that’s the only thing that will bug me, that when the situation was out of our control, we could have done something more.”

He even had time to joke: “I’ve told the players and Carmelo - I think you're wrong because it was my turn to promote this year. Throughout my career, every 3 years, boom, boom! promotion. I’m sorry. You’ve missed out on a great chance. I’m not saying the team won't promote. But they’ve dodged that bullet,” he concluded.

Natxo spoke about the supporters, whom he wanted to thank “for the respect. I think they're the most important part of any Club. I understand it’s a delicate moment which we may have provoked. They're feeling sensitive due to what’s been going on currently. I’d tell them not to leave, not to leave the team. The team has always shown a good attitude. The other day I heard some chants about respecting the emblem or something like that. Have no doubt that this group respect it very much. Perhaps the weight of this shield is what’s taking a toll on their individual performance. That’s why I think otherwise.”

He also took the opportunity to apologize “if there’s been a time where something I said could have been misinterpreted. I corrected it in some press conferences, in some interviews. I’d never be dumb enough to look for problems with the fans. I’ve never had them and I think they're the most important part of any Club.”

Finally, he thanked the media who cover the news on Deportivo on a daily basis for “your respect, and the way you’ve treated me. I've always tried to answer your questions honestly and objectively. You play a very important part. Thank you for your respect and objectivity most of the time or the majority of the time. I’ll have a fond memory of you.”

“To everyone, my former players, the Club, the media, the people... Here I am for whatever you need. I love you and I’ll always be a part of Dépor, even though my stay here was brief,” concluded Natxo González.