Alex Bergantiños: “We’re adapting well, competing well”

04/09/2018 21:17

Alex Bergantiños was the centre of attention in Abegondo this morning. Regarding Sporting de Gijon, this Sunday’s rival at the ABANCA-RIAZOR (8:45 pm, Movistar Partidazo), and also the team in which the Coruña midfielder played on loan last season, he described them as follows: “They’re a team under construction. They’ve made a lot of forced changes due to all the people that left. They’re also adapting, with people who have come from other leagues. They’ve won 2 consecutive home games which gives them a boost and accelerates that construction process.”

He assured that the Asturian side “is another candidate to be up there. They have an intimidating stadium, in which they are very strong. Their coaching staff work very well, they perfectly know how to compete in this division. They're going to be up there for sure.”

Despite the works on the ABANCA-RIAZOR roof, Alex is convinced there is going to be “a great atmosphere. It’s going to be practically full. There will be some deserted areas. It’s going to be a bit strange with so many people in the stadium and those areas empty. I don’t know how it may affect them; I’m sure many people would come. But in that aspect our fans win by far as the are eager to see us at home.”

He highlighted, “our fans will get hooked to the team if we perform well. If the team does well and we perform well, our fans are going to push.”

After having spent last season in El Molinon, Alex admitted it will be “a different match for me. Also coming back to ABANCA-RIAZOR. I missed it having spent the last year away. Despite the rival, it’s also special for me because of this.”

For someone who loves football, the Branquiazul midfielder believes that Dépor and Sporting are “two teams with different styles.” He expects the game to be “very analytical for the player. Both them and us have it pretty clear what we're going to face. It then has to be portrayed on the pitch, which is the most difficult part.”

He has a “bittersweet” sensation regarding the start of the league: “There were 2 games where we came close to gaining 3 points. It’s also true we haven’t lost, which is something very important in this division, especially away from home. You see how equal the league is by how many draws there are every week. We’re adapting well, competing well, with options to win always despite having played 3 away games. This will multiply if we're strong in the ABANCA-RIAZOR all year round. We’re satisfied. We would have liked to have gain some more points. Not losing generates confidence and now we have to respond at home.”

He pointed out that Dépor have played “in complicated grounds. Albacete still haven’t lost; Tenerife is a very difficult ground every year; Extremadura in their ground, recently promoted, first match, they are well motivated. They’ve been demanding tests for us.”

On a personal level, he does not feel more important than the rest. “The squad is formed for all of us to be protagonists. We have loads of variants in the midfield. There are many players. I can be dropped at any moment and another player can take my place. We’re taking on the coach’s new ideas, gaining different automatisms for some of us. The process is being positive because we haven’t lost yet.”

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