Athletic Club win their third Teresa Herrera Trophy on penalties (2-2)

14/11/2018 23:32

For the third time in their history, after drawing throughout the 90 minutes and beating Deportivo at penalties (1-4), Athletic Club took the Teresa Herrera home with them.

Natxo Gonzalez decided to rotate the defensive line, starting with Ortola in goal, Gerard Valentin on the right, Saul on the left and Boveda and Somma as centre-backs. The midfield counted on three players who have been absent in the last fixtures of LaLiga 1|2|3 such as Krohn-Dehli, Pedro Mosquera and Didier Moreno. Fede Cartabia played point and, in Carlos Fernandez’s absence, lined up with the Spanish National U-21 squad, the strikers were Christian Santos and Borja Valle.

The game got off to a slow start full of imprecisions, until Mikel Rico burst forward and ended up serving the 0-1. The centre-back served a perfect pass to the second post where Cordoba got past Gerard and fired at Ortola.

It was minute 10 when Athletic Club opened the score and not even seven minutes after when Dépor achieved a draw. Christian Santos scored one of the most beautiful goals in the history of the oldest friendly tournament in the world, after having received a cross from Saul and volleying it acrobatically into the back of the net.

In minute 24, Iago Herrerin deflected a strong shot from Fede Cartabia inside the box, which was also a pass received from Saul.

Just after the half hour mark, Dépor hit a small rut, where they conceded three very clear opportunities for Athletic. In the first of them, Guruzeta shot extremely wide despite having everything in favour. On the second two occasions, Ortola reacted extraordinarily well in two forceful shots from Unai Lopez and Raul Garcia.

Near half-time, Didier Moreno served a deep cross to Borja Valle who was left with a one-on-one against Nolaskoain. Despite his intent of outplaying the Basque defender inside the box, he was only able to shoot straight against the players’ legs.

In the second half, Athletic’s first opportunity ended in goal again. The red and whites got ahead on the scoreboard with an unstoppable volley shot by Aduriz. It was the 50th minute.

Just after Carles Gil coming in for Fede Cartabia, Christian Santos almost scored the 2-2 in a header which rebounded off the post and landed in Iago Herrerin’s hands.

In minute 63, Somma’s goal was unfairly disallowed. The Italian headed the ball cleanly from inside the small box, over Iago Herrerin who even pushed the local player.

Five minutes later, Borja Valle headed a cross from the left from Saul wide. The shot went out along the left of Basque’s goal.

Gerard Valentin received a cross, thanks to a good combination on the left between Vicente Gomez and Saul. However, the Catalan’s shot went out over the crossbar.

When Athletic already thought that everything was done, Saul drew the match. It was the 86th minute when the player received a good pass from Carles Gil. With an advantage, he waited to cut past easily who tried to reach him desperately. With his right foot, he lloked for the opposite crossbar and he found it, despite Iago Herrerin’s attempt to save it and two other visiting players.

There had been no penalty rounds in the Teresa Herrera since 2012. On that occasion, luck at an eleven-metre distance was on Deportivo’s side, champion against Atletico de Madrid. This time, it was in Atheltic’s favour, who were precise in all their shots and spoilt Deportivo's 40th participation in their tournament. The Basque squad has won the dean trophy of the world between the unofficial ones (1947, 1983 and 2018).

RC Deportivo: Ortola, Gerard Valentin, Boveda, Somma (Quique Fornos, min. 90), Saul, Didier Moreno (Montiel, min. 81), Pedro Mosquera, Krohn-Dehli (Vicente Gomez, min. 69), Fede Cartabia (Carles Gil, min. 56), Borja Valle and Christian Santos (Victor, min. 81).

Athletic Club: Iago Herrerin, Capa (De Marcos, min. 69), Nolaskoain, Iturraspe, Balenziaga (Ganea, min. 46), Unai Lopez (Beñat, min. 46), Dani Garcia (Williams, min. 64), Mikel Rico (Susaeta, min. 33) (Lekue, min. 81), Raul Garcia (San Jose, min. 46), Guruzeta (Aduriz, min. 46) and Cordoba (Yuri Berchiche, min. 64).

Goals: 0-1 Cordoba (min. 10); 1-1 Christian Santos (min. 17); 1-2 Aduriz (min. 50); 2-2 Saul (min. 87).

Penalties: Aduriz (0-1); Pedro Mosquera (to Iago Herrerin); Williams (0-2); Boveda (out); San Jose (0-3); Montiel (1-3); Iturraspe (1-4).

Referee: Perez Pallas (Galician). Aduriz was booked with a yellow card.

Incidents: The final of the 73rd edition of the Teresa Herrera Trophy played at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR. Attendance: 8,500 spectators. Christian Santos was chosen as the Estrella Galicia Player of the match.

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