Borges and Albentosa thanked the Deportivistas’ support

17/04/2018 23:20

Celso Borges and Albentosa spoke to the press in ABANCA-RIAZOR’s mixed zone.

The Costa Rican midfielder, who could have scored towards the end but was denied by the woodwork, highlighted “we can still pull this off. It’s not going to be easy."

He assured he is convinced that they can achieve the objective, because “the sensations you end up with in these games is that you can go home with your head held high, with nothing to criticise. People go home proud of their team.”

He believes “it’s important for us to have that support (referring to the fans). It’s what we have to convey. We got ourselves in this situation, the fans have always supported us. Now we need them to pull this off. We're the ones that have to engage them and convey good sensations.”

Raul Albentosa stated, “we’re convinced we can win each time we go out to play. Before, we were somewhat doubtful because we wouldn’t finish the move and we only scored 2 goals in 9 fixtures, one of them being an own goal. But we’d create many chances. Today, we created many chances against a Champions’ team.”

He described the stadium’s atmosphere: “This was the best day in the two years I’ve been here. It was spectacular. The fans have supported us a lot. The other day the queue nearly reached the beach. We appreciate it and it’s what drives us. When you’re on the pitch and everyone supports you, it gives you that little extra. We appreciate that little extra they’ve given us.”