Borges said, “We’re upset with ourselves” and Albentosa spoke about “frustration”

23/10/2017 23:51

Celso Borges and Raúl Albentosa spoke to the press in Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR’s mixed zone

The Deportivista skipper said, “Right now, it’s complicated to explain what has happened. We will spend tonight and tomorrow reflecting on what happened”.

The Costa Rica international emphasized, “right now, we’re very upset with ourselves”.

He understands the crowd’s reaction at the end of the match: “The crowd are completely free to express themselves as they wish. They come here to watch their team win”.

He promised that Deportivo “will try to do it better next time and give them something to be happy about, which we all deserve”.

Raúl Albentosa believes that the sensation “is bad because you end up with nothing. You’ve fought 90 minutes and haven’t gained anything positive”.

He had a role in the controversial penalty against Deportivo, and he highlighted, “The only thing the second penalty does is justify the first. I think there’s absolutely nothing to it. It screws the team up and you personally as well”.

After today’s defeat, the Deportivista centre-back spoke of “frustration in the dressing-room. It’s there and it looks like you never get to get it. You try and try and you don’t get it”.