Borja Valle: “Of course we believe! We’ve believed all season”

14/04/2018 23:44

Borja Valle and Adrian spoke to the press in San Mames’ mixed zone, after beating Athletic and back in the fight to leave the relegation zone.

Valle, who scored tonight’s third goal, highlighted, “on a personal level I’m very happy to have scored my first goal in Primera. What's important is that it helps us get closer to our objective to be able to carry on fighting.”

He explained that Dépor took the lead (0-2) “very quickly, there was still a lot of match time left. We know the stadium it is, the team it is, and how they press here. We knew Athletic were going to press. We found ourselves 1-2, then 1-3 and then their second goal. They turned up the heat and that's why it’s more satisfying having gained the 3 points.”

The Branquiazul striker described the last minutes of the match: “we suffered a lot, we were anxious, scared of Athletic scoring another goal. But I think this situation strengthens us more, having stood our ground, having suffered, having come out of this situation with 3 points in a very difficult ground. This reinforces the idea to carry on fighting for our objective, which we have clear.”

Borja Valle spoke of the chances Dépor have of remaining in First Division: “Of course we believe! We’ve believed all season. When we were at our worst, when we were more points away, when the situation was more negative, we carried on believing. The fans are behind us, they demonstrated that today. This is football, this can all change in a second. We believe, we’re working for it. Now we have to carry on making points, catch that wave that’s taking us towards our objective and carry on believing until the last minute.”

Adrian Lopez, who scored the first two goals tonight, stated “we wanted to win consecutively, so far we’ve won two games. We have to carry on and try and win the third.”

After having scored 4 goals in the last two matches, the Asturian striker was “very happy to have scored these last two matches. Especially because it helped the team achieve 3 points. It was a very complicated ground today, because Athletic are a great team in their home. They’re a strong team and they put the heat on in the second half. But the team have played an amazing game. These 3 points give us a further mental boost than what we already had.”

Regarding why he did not play the second half, he pointed out, “I got stepped on. The problem was that it was really swollen, and I couldn’t carry on. It was at the start of the match. It became more swollen as time went by. I could notice my foot was swollen with my boot on, and I was already limping by half-time. I hope it’s nothing else.”

He revealed that after the match the dressing room was “happy, merry, proud of the work we did today. And thinking about recovering quickly because the next match is around the corner. We have to be well to play a great match at home on Tuesday.”