Gaku Shibasaki: "I think I can improve and I want to improve"

20/02/2020 20:05

Gaku Shibasaki spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning, accompanied by his interpreter Daisuke Ito. He promised he would learn how to speak Galician and he apologised for not speaking Spanish in the press conference: "My Spanish is not good enough for a press conference; it's good enough for a conversation."

The Branquiazul midfielder stated, "the team is going through a good moment. I want this good run to continue. I have been playing since Fernando Vázquez's arrival. There are things that can be improved in every game, I think I can improve and I want to improve more." 

Furthermore, he said "what the boss asks of me is clear, thus, my role is very clear. I am focused on attacking as well as defending and that has an influence on the team's improvement." 

He described the Branquiazul coach as a "philosopher and teacher. From the very first moment, he never used difficult, complicated or technical words with me. He has always used simple words so that I clearly understood his objectives. He shows he believes in me through his behaviour and manners. For me, that's all I need." 

He also stated he likes Emre Çolak as a player: "I like playing beside him. He is a combining player that is good for me and that's helping the team." 

After making it back into the line-up after being benched several matches, the Japanese international recalled that "there are good and bad moments throughout a season. I gave my all in the training sessions for when my time came." 

He believes the fans' reaction throughout this stage of the season is "natural": "We were playing badly at the start. If the fans are happy it's because we're responding." 

He confessed that after being in Tenerife and Madrid, he is adapting to Galicia and its gastronomy: "It's really good. The Japanese would love this food. I would love to promote it." 

He also pointed out that the match between Zaragoza and Deportivo on Sunday (4pm, #Vamos), "will have many spectators in Japan" as Kagawa plays for Zaragoza and Gaku for the Herculean side. "He is a football legend in Japan. I have a lot of respect for him," he added.