Players were unanimous in the mixed zone

28/01/2017 22:10

The Deportivistas who spoke to the press in Ipurua’s mixed zone were unanimous about the referee’s decision in not awarding a blatant penalty on Çolak in the second half.

Çolak even plucked up the courage to answer in Spanish: “It was a penalty. A blatant one”.

Alejandro Arribas commented that it was a game “of two halves. They were better in the first half and we were much superior in the second”.

He explained that in the second half “we did really well. We created chances through the left, through the right. A penalty that wasn’t awarded. We did superbly”.

Florin Andone also described the penalty as “blatant” and one that could have changed the game in Deportivo’s best moments.

He went on to say that “from the 25th or 30th minute we gave it our all until the end. We tried every possible way. It’s left a bittersweet taste. We’ve lost but I’m very satisfied with my teammates’ attitude, because we never gave up and we tried until the end”.