Seedorf warns: “We’re very much alive, prepared to beat everyone”

20/04/2018 23:32

Regarding Deportivo’s options of remaining in Primera, Clarence Seedorf stated in Butarque’s press room that, “the math says it’s possible.”

Referring to Leganes, he highlighted that “they play very closed, very well organised. Dépor went for the game. The thing is, a rival isn’t going to let you have 8 or 10 chances every game. We had our chances and we weren't able to make the most of them.”

He is “motivated as always, like when I arrived (to Deportivo), because the group keeps on responding positively.” He admitted that this season “is an atypical year, but we’re going to fight until the end.”

He acknowledged “there are always things to improve, and that’s what we’re working on every day. But in general, the players are working superbly and I’m happy with what they're doing on and off the pitch.”

He assured that the team “isn’t going to give up. We can still save ourselves mathematically. Whilst it’s like that, I’m going to repeat the same thing I’ve said time and time again since I arrived. We’re not going to change. Why can’t we win 4 matches? Why can’t Levante lose 4 matches in a row? That’s football. I’ve experienced it so many times. I’m surprised I’m asked this question every week when we see what happens every year.

He recalled that Levante “relegated with an 11-point advantage. Nobody thought they could lose so many games in a row. We're still very much alive, prepared to beat everyone, Barcelona, Villarreal...everyone. I’m warning everyone. Afterwards, if we don’t achieve it, patience. Football is football. Respecting the opposition’s strength, that Barcelona is one of the best in the world, we have to be perfect. But I believe we can do it. And that’s how we're going to prepare things. And I hope the fans carry on with this spirit.”

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