The footballers recall the penalty and the disallowed goal in the mixed zone

02/04/2017 23:05

Juanfran and Carles Gil spoke to the press in Mestalla’s mixed zone.

The Deportivista right-back stated “we shouldn’t be alarmists or negative. With 0-0 we had a legal goal disallowed and we missed a penalty. In the end, they scored and ended 2-0 up. We then gave it our all, we had chances to score and in the end, they scored their third in a counterattack”.

Juanfran highlighted that “the team hasn’t done badly, the team did well. It did everything it had to do to win. They have disallowed a perfect goal in Mestalla and we missed a penalty”.

Carles Gil, who scored the disallowed goal, described the action in the following way: “From the very first moment, I had the sensation I come from behind and I’m in the correct position. That’s why I reprimanded him. I’ve said that a ref’s work is complicated many times before. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a crucial mistake against us that determines the match”.

The Deportivista forward, who returned to the home that saw him grow up as a footballer, regretted “conceding two goals from dead ball situations. That’s strange for us, as we tend to be a strong team in those situations and that’s what probably left us gutted”.


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