Albentosa believes that the team has more confidence after the Villarreal match

09/01/2018 21:05

Raul Albentosa was the centre of attention in Abegondo’s press room this morning. After last Sunday’s draw against Villarreal and leaving the relegation zone, the Valencian central defender stated that this “has a positive influence. Obviously, there’s still a long way to go until the final fixture. The point was very good to see ourselves out of there before the next match.”

Ahead of Saturday’s game against Valencia CF at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR (8:45 pm, Bein LaLiga), he assured that “there’s more confidence. Football is a lot about confidence. Right now, after last Sunday’s match, we have it in ourselves.”

He explained that this season for Deportivo “is the same as last season, I think we even have less points. We find it hard to win 3 points, no matter the match. We have to gain some stability and try, little by little, but taking giant steps forward.”

About Valencia, he highlighted that “Valencia’s positive mark is Marcelino (Garcia Toral). He’s made Valencia climb. They already had a good squad last year, and this year too, the coach has hit the nail right on the head by putting together all the pieces and things are going very well for them.”

He spoke very well of Dani Parejo: “They’re all dangerous but there’s one player who leads the rest of the team, that’s Parejo. Everything passes through him. We have to pay special attention to this player.”

When asked about Deportivo’s position in the league-table, with fewer teams in the relegation zone, Albentosa stated that “there’s a lot left. There’ll be more teams in our same situation. We have to focus on getting through this little by little. The same way Eibar have done, winning many matches in a row. They’re streaks. We have to find that way.”

On a personal level, returning to the initial eleven, he said that he felt “physically fit, which is something you worry about a bit more, and nervous for not having much rhythm in a while. Good in that aspect.”

Now he hopes that after his performance at the Estadio de la Ceramica, “people see me in a different light. The year has changed. We’re in 2018. We’ve left 2017 behind, which was a difficult year. I hope I can get people to have confidence in me and I give confidence to the people.”

That said, he confessed that, “I’ve never been in this situation of playing so little. I find it hard. It’s very complicated. At the weekend, I would like to do what I practise at our training sessions. But for whatever reason I’m not being put on as much and of course I’m not handling it well. I’m not going to lie.”

For this reason, he explained that “if you don’t play, you don’t feel fulfilled and you want to see something else. But football changes every moment, every hour, every day. It looked like I was more out than in, and now I have to make it difficult for them to choose in order to carry on playing.”

He stated that “my friends in football tell me that I have to train, feel good with what I’m doing during the week and then, it doesn’t depend on me. It frustrates me like any other person in any job that doesn’t feel that fulfilled.”

To conclude, when asked about the winter market, Albentosa thinks that “we’re the ones that are here and we have to improve this. If other players come to contribute, well good. But at the moment, we’re the ones that are here and we're the ones that have to gain the points. We have a good team for it.”

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