Alex does not believe that playing the first 3 matches away from home will “affect the competition”

24/07/2018 20:52

Alex Bergantiños highlighted in Abegondo's press room today, that Second Division is a competition “which we all must have clear is the most even in Europe or the world. You can win or lose against anyone. Maybe it's better to play away and go to different grounds as soon as possible. Because in the end you gain pace quicker and get used to playing in this competition.”

What the Coruña midfielder longs for in these first three matches away from A Coruña is “to get good results and to give us some strength so when we return to A Coruña the fans are satisfied with what we’ve done away.”

He acknowledged that these three back-to-back away games in Albacete, Almendralejo and Tenerife are “atypical.” “Everything balances out in the end. Second Division is a marathon of 42 matches and is a bit indifferent. If we begin well, we’ll say the team began away from home and we´ll have more games at the ABANCA-RIAZOR to gain results. I don’t believe this affects the competition, for better or for worse,” he added.

Asked about this season’s asymmetric draw, Alex believes, “I personally like it when it’s done for the good of the viewers and fans. I suppose it's being done son it doesn’t coincide with relevant dates, certain clashes and so on. It’s already being done this way in every European league. At the end of the day you have to play against everyone. I hope that this way they can avoid suspicions and rumours towards the end of the league with teams that are competing tightly. If that happens, it’s positive. You play against everyone anyway, so I don’t think the order is significant, yet if it can benefit in some aspects like the one mentioned, like putting exciting matches or ones that have a lot of travelling fans on dates that can coincide better. If it’s for the good of the show and the fans, so be it,” he argued.

With a wide experience in Second Division, Alex emphasized that “it’s a different way of competing. It has nothing to do with the way you compete in Primera. You have to adapt the squad a little. There are players that adapt quickly, others that find it a little harder. At the end of the day, there are different ways of looking at how the squad is being created. What’s important is that the “reinforcements” perform well. The team is what’s most important in Second Division. Last year, 3 of the teams that relegated from Primera, with significant reinforcements, 2 didn’t make it to the play-off and Sporting de Gijón didn’t get past the first round.”

He concluded that “names don’t guarantee anything in this Division because it’s a very even competition. The differences are minor because the budgets aren’t that different to First Division, where you can easily, without a doubt, guess the first 6 each year. That never happens in Segunda because the differences are minor and the performance from one squad to another depends on teamwork and getting right certain moments of the season.”

After the first pre-season match against Fabril in Abegondo, Alex pointed out that it’s normal that in Natxo Gonzalez’s system “I’m closer to the back to build up play than up front. They're just small touches we’re polishing. We have to adapt to the style the coach wants. We’re still going over more generic concepts. The other day was just another training session against a good rival like Fabril. It’s about that, getting physical concepts, some tactical things which we’ve already corrected during today's video session. Improving little by little.”

He emphasized that “no matter the rivals you may have during the pre-season, the competition is completely different.” Along these lines, he stressed that during the summer weeks, “what’s important is that we get to know each other, let what we’re going to face in the competition sink in. And for that, what’s most important is that squad is outlined as soon as possible and with their minds set here. We are going to compete in a very demanding division, which is played a certain different way compared to other leagues or Primera. And that's what we have to try and achieve as soon as possible. What worries me the most is that; for everyone who is going to stay to be here, and for everyone to have their mind set on what we’re going to face this season.”

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