Fayçal and Arribas view the point gained as a positive

08/03/2017 22:00

Fayçal Fajr and Arribas spoke to the press in Riazor’s mixed zone.

Fayçal stated that Dépor “gave their all to win today. In the end, when you score the equaliser in the final minutes of the match, it gives you something more. You’re happy”.

He highlighted that “at the end of the day it’s one point and that’ what’s most important. We have to carry on”.

Asked about the penalty on Celso Borges, Fayçal said “I can’t say whether it was a penalty or not. With all the penalties that weren’t given to us at the beginning of the season, we’ve now been awarded two in a row. It’s a penalty, that’s all”.

Alejandro Arribas believes that “we’re all better with confidence. Garitano was unlucky because the team played well but didn’t get the results. The only thing Pepe (Mel) has done is tell us we’re good and that that we have a great team to be up there”.

In his opinion, “the second half was Deportivo’s. They scored on a rebound and Ceballos had another chance with the team on a high. The team has worked well. The most important thing is we came back from that goal, we continued trying and we didn’t deserve to lose at any point”.

Regarding the penalty, Arribas was to the point: “It was a penalty. In my opinion it’s a penalty. I didn’t see it very well but I think it was a penalty. Everyone in the dressing room said it was a blatant penalty; that the defender didn’t go for the ball, he went for the player”.