Fede Cartabia: “We have to go to the Wanda and play a perfect match”

28/03/2018 20:14

Today, at the end of his participation in the Mauro Silva DéporCamp, Fede Cartabia spoke to the press at the Sports University hall, which was turned into an improvised press room:

He stated, “I’m very happy to bring joy to the kids. It’s something to be proud of. We learn loads from them.”

He cannot wait “to play again, to help. Lately, injuries have got in the way but hopefully they won’t from here to the end.”

He promised that the team against Atletico de Madrid, at the Wanda Metropolitan on Sunday(8:45 pm, Bein LaLIga), “will go out eager to win, to give their fans a win and keep on growing. We have to continue, there’s no other option.”

Regarding Atletico’s injured players, he stated, “It helps a bit but you can’t forget it’s Atletico. The reserves are as good or better. We have to go to the Wanda and play a perfect match. Let’s hope we do so and bring back points, because we’re in dire need of them.”

According to Fede Cartabia, the team’s situation is “difficult. We got ourselves into this. We have a lot of faith, there’s hope. The math says we can still do it and whilst it says that, we're going to fight until the end. We have to take each match as it comes along." “At the start of the season nobody thought we would be where we are,” he stated.

He pointed out that the team has to try no matter how “because of the math, for the people, for ourselves because we’re really down. We have a team that nobody would have bet it would end up where it is right now.”

He does not believe that the Atleti match is Deportivo’s last chance: “We’re going to keep on fighting whilst the math says we can. We’ll see what happens after this fixture. I have faith in my teammates that we’re going to achieve a good result.”

One of the kids participating in the DéporCamp asked Fede Cartabia who the worst coach had been so far this season. The Argentinian player did not stutter when he replied: “We were the worst.”

He then clarified his answer to the press: “It's true. We’re the ones on the field. The coach gives you some instructions of what to do. At the end of the day, the player is mostly to blame.”

Nonetheless, he highlighted, “if you’ve seen the last matches, we didn’t deserve to lose many of them, we deserved to win, against Espanyol, Betis had one attempt and scored, Alaves too... They’re points that sentence you in the end.”

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