Guilherme sees that the team are ready and “with their minds set on starting the championship”

10/08/2017 20:13

Guilherme spoke to the media in Hotel Attica 21’s press room. “We’re working very well, with our minds set on starting the championship. We’re very happy”, he said.

He believes that beginning LaLiga Santander against Real Madrid “is the best way possible, at home against a great team. I think it’s really good. It’s going to be a great game”.

His opinion regarding Los Blancos is “everyone knows what kind of team it is. We have to put or work well into practice”.

The Brazilian midfielder, after being signed by RC Deportivo, promised hard work and dedication to “try and perform better and pay back the confidence the Club has set on me”. “My objective last season was to have a good championship and help, to try and stay. Now I have been signed here and I feel more confident, calmer to work”, he added.

He believes the team is ready to compete: “We’re in the final stage this week. The beginning of the championship is different after playing friendlies. But we're physically well and now we have to wait for the start”.

Asked about the team’s objectives, Guilherme said, “I think we have a team to finish between eighth and twelfth. We didn’t last season. This season we’re going to be higher”.

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