Juan Rodríguez chose Dépor "without a second thought" instead of Villarreal, Valencia or Celta

25/03/2020 20:10

Youth player Juan Rodríguez gave his first virtual press conference today.

The Branquiazul defender believes this is a "very good" season on a personal level. "This is all thanks to hard work; I'm grateful for the opportunities the Club is giving me," he added. 

He thinks he has to improve his positioning on the field and "how to anticipate moves that come about."

He described training with the first team as a "marvellous experience. I'm learning loads surrounded by these players."

Juan Rodríguez explained that with Fernando Vázquez "I work tactically and technically. He is very friendly and he is helping me loads." "Each coach has his own style. He has lots of experience and he displays that in every session. He conveys confidence and calm. I value the effort he is making to stay and train me," he stressed. 

Although he wishes it, he does not think he will debut with Dépor, however, he does think about "how to achieve my objectives each day." In fact, he recalled he is playing for Fabril "but I'm a U19 player. I'd be delighted if I had to play for them again."

He does not hide that "the Club is betting on me and giving me opportunities. I wish I can one day make a debut for the team I've loved since I was little and defend this shirt."

He first began in Coruxo, a local team from Vigo: "I played there for 8 years. I had offers from Villarreal, Valencia, Celta and Dépor. When I received Dépor's offer, I had no doubts because it's the Club I love and follow since I was a child. I said yes without a second thought."

Furthermore, with the league suspended, the Galician footballer thinks "this might be bad for me as I was on a good roll."

To all the kids that train in Abegondo every day, Juan Rodríguez recommends that "they work hard each day and give their all. Now there are coaches in the Club that give you opportunities which you have to make the most of."

Asked about who he looks up to in the first team, he replied, "all of them, because they're all great players. I learn something from all of them."

Before coming to Dépor his role models were "Sergio Ramos, Godín and Giménez for their way of defending; and their anticipating skills. In this Club, I believe Mujaid is an example of all grassroot players. por su forma de defender; y su capacidad de anticipación. En el Club me fijo en Mujaid porque es un ejemplo de cantera. His capacity to improve is very good."

In the current situation, "I'm struggling a little more with daily life, not being able to train with my teammates, with the coach and not being able to learn from them. I'm training by myself here, trying to stick to a healthy diet to be at my best when training begins again."

At home, he is following the instructions of the first team's fitness coach (Manuel Pombo) each day. "As I don't have an exercise bike, I run in the garage and up and down the staircase."

In Juan Rodríguez's opinion, being stuck at home so many days "makes me value the people that are with me every day and my family, whom I miss due to not being with them."