Natxo González recalled that the league "is a battle until the last seconds"

02/02/2019 23:18

Natxo González stated in ABANCA-RIAZOR's press room that "we didn't perform well, we weren't comfortable, we made shoddy passes and controls. We were very imprecise. Obviously, I'm not happy."

The Branquiazul coach added, "we lacked speed and precision. We began the match being very imprecise. On an individual level, instead of growing in adversity, we shrunk in many aspects."

He insisted, "you can see how hard it is to win for everyone. This is a battle until the last seconds. We can't think that Dépor is going to be in the number one spot and promote with 8 fixtures left. That's not real. It was a good opportunity that we squandered. I wish we could've made the most of it." 

He wants to convey "calm, just be there, it's a rocky road. This is about being regular. We haven't won, but we haven't lost either. When you're not at your best, the best thing that can happen is that you don't lose. That regularity is what helps you achieve your objectives."

On the other hand, José Luis Oltra, CD Tenerife's coach, stated that his team "have competed sensationally well in a very complicated ground. And I know this because I've experienced it. In fact, Dépor haven't lost here so far. They have an incredible team, well worked, that know what they're playing at perfectly well. And today we have tied their hands behind their backs with order and hard work. They've generated few chances and we've played good football." 

The former Deportivista coach highlighted that "in such a complicated ground, against such an important rival, competing the way CD Tenerife has, with great effort, with passion, helping each other out, with commitment, playing quite well, maintaining the ball with criteria, a third consecutive clean sheet, against 2 top teams, well I can honestly say we're satisfied and happy with the team's performance."