Natxo González wants his players to be "completely focused because Málaga have important players"

23/02/2019 13:51

Natxo González stated in ABANCA-RIAZOR's press room that tomorrow, against Málaga CF at the La Rosaleda (6pm, Movistar Partidazo)  "we have to be completely focused tomorrow because they're a team that have important players and the result can go any way at any given time." 

In fact, the Deportivista coach highlighted "they're a physically strong team, very good crossing from the wings, and very good in dead-ball situations. They're dangerous on the wings with Iván Alejo's runs. They have players on the wings that can play through the middle or down the flank. It will be a match defined by details, as we usually say."

He also emphasized "they are 3 important points for the future. They're not decisive, but definitely important. You never know whether they'll be decisive in the last moment of the season."

He admitted he is relieved that the injured players are finally recovering (Mosquera, Vicente and Carlos Fernández): "As we always say, it generates more competition. And when there's more competition, the performance is better. It's complicated having to choose, but I prefer having everyone available and making decisions based on football rather than physical reasons."

He stated that for the championship  "it's important because there's a lot of competition left. It's important for everyone or the majority to be available."