Natxo:  Some things we did well, but others we did badly

10/02/2019 21:17

Natxo González highlighted in Los Cármenes’ press room that this victory is "important. Not everyone can win here. Sporting have achieved this. The teams that are at the top are strong at home and it wasn’t easy.”

The Deportivista coach pointed out that "in these matches between two good teams where it’s very even, it’s these kind of details that decide which way it’s going to go.”

He does not believe Deportivo’s second half in Granada was the best of the season: "We could’ve done things much better than we actually did. We have done many things quite well, but there was quite a lot to improve. We always say we’re self-critical, we’re very demanding and that we want to be close to perfect, I just don’t think it was our best second half. Some things we did well, but others we did badly.”

He insisted, "It wasn’t a decisive game for now, but it could be in the future in such an even competition. The goal average between the two tames could be fundamental towards the end.”

The Deportivista coach highlighted, "it was important to win away from the ABANCA-RIAZOR again, to keep up with those teams in the top positions and narrow the distance.” 

Along these lines, Natxo González emphasized "we cannot let go of this opportunity, we must insist, carry on throwing punches. We’re back on the right track and the objetive is to have the options of having everything in play in the last 10 fixtures.”