Real Club Deportivo’s social data at the end of the 2016-2017 Season

01/06/2017 10:40

The end of the 2016-2017 season has left a series of striking figures that reveal once more, the great support that backs Real Club Deportivo, especially from its members. On May 31 2017, Dépor’s social mass sums up to 26,510 members, almost 400 more than the previous season. Out of that total, 19,859 are men, 5,398 women, 1,048 season tickets belong to companies and 205 to fan clubs. All these sections have increased since last year.

This season, 3,677 people became new members, the fourth highest figure in the last 20 years (the highest was in 2014/2015 with 5,591). 2,611 new members are men, 915 are women (more than the previous season), 124 companies and 30 fan clubs.

Technology completed its third campaign as part of the season ticket renewal system. During the first year, 2,333 members used internet to renew their season tickets, and in the second year it increased to 2,676. However, this year 3,526 members renewed their season ticket on the internet.

A large percentage of Real Club Deportivo members benefit from more affordable prices thanks to the concessions. The categories with reduced prices: over 65 (2,365 renewals, 151 new), unemployed (1,483 renewals, 258 new), under-25 (3,156 renewals, 845 new), ADN Blanquiazul (2,328 renewals, 697 new), and functional diversity (292 renewals, 49 new) more than 11,000 members (11,624), a 43.8% of Dépor’s social mass (2.6% more than last year).

The highest number of members per age are among those who are 26 (531 members), followed by 35 (525), 34 (492), 25 (488), 36 (483), 24 (482).

Riazor currently has a capacity of 32,437 spectators. The Pabellón stands seat the highest number of members (8,015); nearly 5,000 more than the stands that seat the fewest, Tribuna with 3.090.

Marathon Inferior has become the seating area with the highest number of members: 4,077 (97.98% of its capacity), opposite to Marathon Superior which is now fourth with 3,637 (73.27%). The average is between Pabellón Superior with 4,068 (92.48%), and Pabellón Inferior with 3,947 (99.55%). It is precisely this last seating area that has the highest percentage of occupancy.

The importance of Deportivo in A Coruña and the outskirts is invaluable and the distribution of members by city councils reflects that: Currently, 16,727 Deportivo members (63.10%) live in A Coruña. There are also over a thousand members in bordering councils sucha as Oleiros (1,236), and Culleredo (1,143), and just under, Arteixo (923) and Cambre (880). If we sum up the whole metropolitan area, we have a total of 21,957 members (82.83%). The rest of the province amounts to 3,076 members (11.60%).

If we extend the scrutiny beyond the provincial borders, the number of members in the provinces of Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra stand out (1,030). There are also 387 members spread throughout the rest of the Spanish territory (the other 16 autonomous communities have at least one blue-and-white member), with a special mention to Madrid where there are 124 members, and in León 49.