Seedorf makes a plea for unity and to “carry on having faith in the work we’re doing”

09/03/2018 23:21

Clarence Seedorf highlighted in Montilivi’s press room that “now, we have to very united, carry on having faith in the work we’re doing, united.”

Along these lines, he stated “we’re positive. We believe in our objective. The fans have to believe in our objective, because last year it was a much worse situation. I want to be realistic. I don’t see a dead team, I see a team that's alive.”

He insisted that Deportivo “came here and played a match where they challenged Girona, who are at a sweet moment.”

Seedorf stated, “I’ve seen a lot of improvement. The rivals find it difficult to create threats. It's important for the last games that are left to pull this off.”

He stated that Dépor “contained Girona very well. They’re very strong in dead-ball situations, and they achieved two goals this way. That was the turning point.”

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