Seedorf: “We have a clear conscience because we did everything possible”

12/05/2018 21:02

After today’s match against Villarreal CF, Clarence Seedorf stated in ABANCA-RIAZOR’s press room that “staying in Primera was always very complicated since I arrived. We tried it and we didn’t achieve it. We have a clear conscience because we did everything possible. This is sport.”

The Dutch coach said, “we must now look forward. The sentence is already out. It’s important to look forward, build a future and not live off the past, because it won’t get us anywhere.”

Asked about his future, he insisted “you have to ask the Club this question. I’ve already said I feel comfortable in the Club, out in the city. I’m feel at ease. But that doesn’t mean that my future here is guaranteed. The doors are open, but it doesn’t depend on me, as it never depends on the coach. Everyone has their role."

Regarding Borja Valle, who scored a brace tonight, he believes, “he is on a roll.” “When I arrived he wasn’t very motivated, he hadn’t had many chances. We have had to do a lot of work and build on that. He is a fantastic guy that when he saw he had a chance, he began working in an exceptional way on and off the pitch. When he began training at a level which he then proved in matches, I began to use him, since Atletico Madrid,” he added.

Villarreal’s coach, Javi Calleja, was “very happy” for having qualified for the Europa League: “Today we’ve mathematically qualified for next year’s Europa League and I believe it’s the result of this year's work. I’m very happy with the match, the result, and with the fulfilled objective.”

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