Seedorf: We have to try and win with serenity, strength and conviction

27/02/2018 16:39

At the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR’s press room, Clarence Seedorf stated that “every week is important. Every match is worth 3 points. There’s nothing different”.

When asked about Getafe, Dépor’s rival tomorrow at the Coliseo Alfonso Perez (7:30 pm, Bein LaLiga), he highlighted that the team “is very well organised, which I saw against Athletic Club. I think they’re a very organised team, they know what they want. It’s a difficult team to play against even for the big teams, who they’ve done good matches against”.

When asked about Muntari, he pointed out that “he can start the match. We’ve thought about it. It’s possible that it could happen this week. We have to do things well so that we can keep him until the end of the year participating in the team”.

He assured that Ruben would be the goalkeeper against Getafe tomorrow: “We're happy with the way he’s handling the goal. Zero goals in the last match, with a good attitude. We’ve seen a steady Ruben, who is still growing in confidence. It’s important for a goalkeeper”.

To gain points tomorrow he maintains that they have to be “organised and play with the same intensity. The same words as always. Intensity means second play, knowing how to press the player who has the ball and not allow spaces... And enjoy our skill, we have skillful players that we have to make use of”.

He confessed that he was not worried about the lack of goals from the team: “We’ve created opportunities in every match. It’s simply a question of time. There are moments in football where you don’t manage to score. The main thing is not to give away the matches and keep focused throughout the match. And we’ve demonstrated that”.

In his opinion, “we have to try and win with serenity, strength and conviction. And that conviction comes from the work that has been done during the week and the last matches”.

He stated that the team do not think about their rivals: “We’re only focused on Getafe. Yesterday, we saw (with Levante’s loss against Betis) that everyone loses points. We have to keep fighting for our matches”.

He reiterated that “all our rivals won’t win all their matches, but if we don’t do our bit, it’s not going to help either. We’re solely focused on our matches”.

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