The 'Riazor 75: Recordos dun océano de soños' exhibition will open on Thursday 18 June, in the Kiosco Alfonso Art Gallery

10/06/2020 12:30

The Kiosco Alfonso Art Gallery will host the 'Riazor 75: Recordos dun oceáno de soños' exhibition from 18 June to 2 August, where the fans will be able to look back on the history of the Branquiazul stadium, which celebrated its 75th anniversary a few months ago.

The RC Deportivo Foundation, along with A Coruña City Council, has organised this exhibition which mainly focuses on 75 matches featuring the Branquiazul team on the pitch of the municipal precinct. The exhibition also highlights other types of competitions that have taken place in Riazor throughout these 75 years, such as national team matches, summer tournaments or the 1982 World Cup.

Nearly 90 objects, including t-shirts, trophies, tickets or pennants, and over 70 photographs, in addition to 6 large-format illustrations, will accompany visitors on their journey through the history of the Riazor stadium.

Furthermore, various screens will show images of competitions and events that took place on the premises, as well as general or aerial plans and even of different works. One of these screens will also show an unpublished 3D animation in which the evolution of the stadium from the very first time it was begun being built in 1939 to its current state can be enjoyed in great detail.

Originally scheduled to open on the actual date of Riazor's 75th anniversary, in which the official opening on 6 May 1945 hosted the match between Spain and Portugal, the exhibition had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As progress has been made throughout the de-escalation phases and the expectation is positive, RC Deportivo and A Coruña City Council have agreed to open its doors for a month and a half, from 18 June to 2 August.

The exhibition will be open from Mondays to Sundays, from 11am to 2pm and from 6pm to 9pm.