The Riazor mosaic and the Galician anthem as you've never seen or heard it before

21/03/2017 19:37

The Galician anthem was played ahead of #ONOSODERBI (the Galician derby) on March 19 at Riazor, for the second year running after Dépor initiated it for the first time last season. Just like the previous derby, a spectacular tifo was displayed in the Marathon stand, whilst the rest of the stadium formed a magnificent blue and white mosaic; an image that will definitely go down in the history books, as Riazor broke the record with 30,809 Galicians singing the Galician anthem, compared to last year’s 30,666.

On the centenary of Eduardo Pondal’s death (Pascual Veiga put music to his poem ‘Os Pinos’ and it became the lyrics of the Galician anthem), representatives of the foundation named after him, were in Riazor’s Presidential stand to witness this emotional and historic event, that was also recorded with a 360º camera from the pitch.

Every Deportivista and Galician who wishes to relive this moment, can do so by moving the cursor on the computer screen, playing it on the Youtube mobile application and tilting the device to enjoy a 360º view of Riazor, or by watching it on virtual reality headsets.

Click here to watch the 360º video of Riazor’s mosaic and the Galician anthem:

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