Tonight’s result leaves the lads with a “sour taste”

18/08/2018 01:27

Boveda and Dani Gimenez spoke to the press at the Carlos Belmonte’s mixed zone.

The Basque defender stated “we’re not happy with the result. I’m left with the sensation of a well-positioned team that believed the match would go in our favour as the minutes went by. It looked like that would happen. Then there’s an action, an accident. At the end of the day, it’s a point that doesn’t feel like much at all. Our analysis has to go beyond the results.”

Boveda admitted that after Domingos’ goal, “defending deep probably didn’t do us any favours. In football it’s typical for the team that’s losing, especially if they’re playing at home, to go all out and attack. That puts them closer to our area. It also puts us closer to creating a counter-attack and sealing the match. Let’s see if in the next games, in identical situations, we act the same or differently. The goal came the way it came.”

Dani Gimenez regretted that “because of an unfortunate action, a point away from home, which is complicated to achieve, leaves us with a sour taste because we wanted to begin with a win.”

The Galician keeper highlighted “we did things well. The match was under control, but the first match is always tough. We’re still absorbing ideas. Albacete the same. We found it difficult to finish off our moves, look for the unmarked teammate on the inside... But even so, the match was under control. I practically didn’t have to intervene, despite Albacete having very competitive strikers for Second Division. They have a very good team in attack.”