Away, “the points are worth double” says Carles Gil

25/08/2018 00:35

Carles Gil and tonight’s goal scorer, Quique Gonzalez, spoke to the press at the Francisco de la Hera’s mixed zone.

The attacking midfielder believes that in away games “the points are worth double. These grounds are very difficult in Segunda. They are recently promoted teams that are very intense and press a lot. The pitch wasn’t at its best. It’s more difficult to play a flowing game. Three very important points.”

Carles highlighted that during these first few matches, “the most important thing, besides having good sensations as we do even though there is still much room for improvement, is three points away from home. We have a strange start to the season because of our pitch, and they’re 3 fundamental points.”

Quique Gonzalez described the match as “very disputed and well-worked. There are matches in Second Division that you suffer to win. The team did a perfect job."

Regarding his goal, he highlighted “the team is what’s most important. I’m very happy because they are 3 very important points to get the league off to a good start. This is the way. I’m happy on an individual level. I hope to continue improving to help the team.”

The Deportivista striker is happy with his work, with Carles’... “I’m mentioning the forwards, but we all work here. We’re here to contribute. There are very good players. What’s most important, besides being skilful, is that if you don’t compete or fight at the same level as the rival in Segunda, you’re dead. We're doing that. This has just begun. We still haven’t done anything. We should be happy,” he added.