David Simón recalled, "this is very long" and Edu said, "we cannot give up"

02/02/2019 23:25

David Simón and Edu Expósito spoke to the press in the ABANCA-RIAZOR's mixed zone.

David Simón stated "we want to take that step forward, but chill, this is very long. You can see the way this league is; it's very competitive. There are many historic teams that want to be up there."

The Deportivista right-back said, "we're still there. If we win three games in a row, I'm sure we'll be up there. And that's what we're working on. This game is now the past. We must reflect on the mistakes we have made today and tomorrow we must start focusing on the next match."

Edu Expósito believes the team "has performed well, has competed very well. We were facing a rival that made it very difficult for us."

The Branquiazul midfielder acknowledged that there were "imprecisions, but we have to carry on, we cannot give up."