Deportivo ABANCA win the league and will fight for Liga Iberdrola promotion

31/03/2019 16:52

Deportivo ABANCA beat Sárdoma CF 0-5 in Vigo today, and with this result, they mathematically become league winners with 2 fixtures still left.

This is just the beginning, as our Branquiazul ladies will now have to fight for the main objective: the promotion to the top-flight Liga Iberdrola. Four play-off matches are what stand in the way of Dépor ABANCA's dreams at the moment. The draw will take place once the league finishes.

So far, Deportivo ABANCA hae proved to be the best in every aspect of the game. They have won 23 games out of 24 and drew 1. They have won 70 points compared to Oviedo Moderno's 63. They are also top scorers (145 goals) and have conceded the fewest goals (12).

These statistics prove that the Branquiazuis are at their best to face the playoffs.

Deportivo ABANCA: Miralles, Cris, Iris, Raquel, Erika, Teresa, Alba Merino, Yamamoto, Peke, Ali Muñoz and Gaby. Subs: Nuria, Lía, Patri Díaz and Patri López.

Today's scorers at the As Relfas ground were Peke -2-, Gaby, Patri López and Teresa.

There will be a competition break next week and they will play again on 14 April, away from Abegondo and in Vigo again, this time against Atlántida de Matamá; this time without any pressure.

Here are the women's results so far:

Deportivo ABANCA 2 (Lía and Peke) - CPM Friol CD Lugo 2
Victoria CF 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 7 (Teresa, Michelle Romero, Peke, Iris, Lía, Gaby and 1 own goal)
Deportivo ABANCA 9 (Peke, Érika, Teresa, Iris -3-, Silvia Mérida and Kika -2-) - CD Monte 0
Atlético Arousana 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 8 (Érika, Peke, Teresa -2-, Gaby -2-, Carlota and 1 own goal)
Deportivo ABANCA 5 (Gaby -2-, Miriam and Kika -2-) - CDE Rácing Féminas 1
Sporting de Gijón 3 - Deportivo ABANCA 4 (Michelle Romero -2-, Peke and Alba Merino)
Deportivo ABANCA 7 (Gaby -5-, Alba Merino and Érika) - Gijón FF 0
CD Valladares 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 5 (Michelle Romero, Ali, Nuria Rábano -2- and Peke)
Deportivo ABANCA 8 (Ali Muñoz -2-, Kika -2-, Gaby, Alba Merino, Erika and Yamamoto) - CD Oceja 1
Victoria FC 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 4 (Alba Merino, Gaby and Peke -2-)
Deportivo ABANCA 5 (Peke, Yamamoto, Alba Merino, Gaby and 1 own goal) - Sárdoma CF 0
Deportivo ABANCA 12 (Teresa -2-, Yamamoto, Alba Merino -3-, Peke, Gaby -3- and Ali Muñoz -2-) - SCD Atlántida de Matamá 0
Oviedo Moderno CF 1 - Deportivo ABANCA 3 (Miriam, Gaby and Peke)
CPM Friol CD Lugo 2 - Deportivo ABANCA 3 (Gaby, Teresa and Peke)
Deportivo ABANCA 2 (Gaby and Peke) - Victoria CF 0
CD Monte 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 3 (Iris, Kika and 1 own goal)
Deportivo ABANCA 14 (Michelle Romero -2-, Alba Merino -3-, Teresa, Yamamoto -2-, Ali Muñoz, Gaby -3-, Nuria and 1 own goal) - Atlético Arousana 0
CDE Racing Féminas 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 3 (Michelle Romero and Alba Merino -2-)
Deportivo ABANCA 7 (Alba Merino, Michelle Romero, Peke, Lía, Nuria, Ali Muñoz and 1 own goal) - Sporting de Gijón 0
Gijón FF 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 9 (Michelle Romero -2-, Peke -3-, Gaby, Iris, Ali Muñoz and Yamamoto)
Deportivo ABANCA 11 (Peke -5-, Laura, Iris, Yamamoto, Michelle Romero and Alba Merino -2) - CD Valladares 0
CD Oceja 1 - Deportivo ABANCA 5 (Alba Merino, Iris and Peke -3-)
Deportivo ABANCA 4 (Lía, Laura, Gaby and Ali Muñoz) - Victoria FC 1
Sárdoma CF 0 - Deportivo ABANCA 5 (Peke -2-, Gaby, Patri López and Teresa)