Juanfran: “I know today’s match was my fault”

26/10/2017 23:49

Juanfran spoke to the press in Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR’s mixed zone. He explained why he got sent off after receiving two yellow cards: “I said ‘Mateu (match referee) it’s the first, the same for everyone else, there was a previous action and you didn’t book them near the box.” He said, “I’m going to send you off.” I stayed still. “Why would you send me off for this?” He took the card out of his pocket, and I was shown a second yellow. I told him he was ruining my life, that he couldn’t send me off for this, that he was throwing all my teammates’ hard work down the drain.”

He confirmed to the press that there were no insults or rude gestures between him and the referee, Mateu Lahoz (Valencia): “It would have been a direct red card, not a second yellow,” he said.

That said, the Deportivista right-back stated that “I’m not making excuses for myself. I shouldn’t have done it. It cannot happen again, and it shouldn’t have happened. I know today’s match was my fault. It was already difficult, and I made it impossible.”

He highlighted that “my teammates have made a great effort. They paid the consequences in the last minutes. It’s my fault. I have to accept the consequences. Congratulations to my teammates because I think that with ten men they had options to draw and they deserve praise for that.” “My teammates have made an extra effort because of me,” he insisted.

Thinking ahead, Juanfran promised to “keep working as I have done up to now, giving everything I’ve got. When I have to play, I’ll play, and if I don’t have to play, and I have to pay the consequences, I’ll still be the same. I made a mistake; I have to pay the consequences. I’ve already said this to my teammates. I feel bad for them because we were very hopeful, because of the new coach, and I’ve ruined his debut.”

What he now has to do is “pay the consequences and work so that the coach can count on me to be as fit as possible, whenever he considers best.”

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