Juanfran: “If Dépor believe I’m important for the project, it will be a pleasure”

17/05/2018 13:29

One of Dépor’s captains, Juanfran Moreno, spoke to the press at the ABANCA-RIAZOR just before the training session.

Regarding next season, the Deportivista right-back said, “if Déportivo believe I’m important for the project, it will be a pleasure.”

He recalled he has been in Dépor for 4 years, in which “I had options to leave, except for the first year. And I didn’t want to leave. Deportivo is great in First or in Second. This year we have a coach that has won everything as a player and who would love to stay in Second.”

He insisted, “Deportivo is a great team. They have great fans, they’re going to have loads of season-ticket holders. The Club needs an exciting project and if Carmelo (del Pozo) in this case believes I can form part of it, it will be my pleasure.”

Nonetheless, he stated that he is focused on Sunday's game in Mestalla against Valencia CF (12 pm, Bein LaLiga), and “try to finish the best possible way. I will then have a meeting with Carmelo. Find out what his intentions are. Whatever Carmelo tells me, I will give him my opinion. First of all, I want to know what he wants.”

He described this season as “a fiasco. That's evident. We haven't achieved the objective of remaining. At the beginning of the season there were other expectations. The season didn’t start off well. It got worse as time went by, At the end, we relegated. Now, we have to look forward and think about the promotion.”

He believes that the players “are the main culprits. We didn’t do well. We all could’ve done better. We could’ve done things better. What we have to do is think about the future and getting the Club back to where it deserves to be, which is First Division.”

Asked about Clarence Seedorf, he emphasized that “he has achieved something that didn’t exist in 4 years, which was for the group to row in the same direction. The group has changed a lot, it's much more serious. We don’t leave the matches like we used to. I would love to see this coach and his staff with a pre-season and working since summer. I’m sure Deportivo will promote with him. In my opinion it’s pretty clear. He is a coach that I’m sure has offers to train in the Serie A next year and for him to want to stay here in Second says a lot about him and how much he likes Deportivo.”

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